Mathematics in everyday life - a PhD thesis lives on!

Normally, a PhD thesis is seldom read by many people, and years of work often end up in a drawer. My own thesis was published in a very limited number, and most of these disappeared during the day of my defense. About a year ago, I decided to publish my PhD thesis on Scribd, because - well mainly because I wanted more people to read it, of course!

Since then, my thesis - a 300 page long thesis in mathematics education - has been viewed 2779 times (as of writing), downloaded 4 times, liked by 4 people and 18 people have added the thesis to their favorites. It has also been awarded to the hot-list on Scribd. Although these numbers are not fantastic, I think it is pretty good for such a thesis. If you are interested in taking a look for yourself, you can either click on the link above, or you can read the embedded document below. If you rather want to read in fullscreen, click here. If you want to download it, click here (pdf).

Mathematics in everyday life - A study of beliefs and actions


Carlos said...


It's going to be a pleasure to read your thesis professor Mosvold.

Thanks so much!