I have moved!!!

The headline of this post is not completely correct, since it is really not a matter of me having moved personally. The thing is, however, that this blog - The Mathematics Education Research Blog - has now moved to a different place! I have been considering this for quite some time actually, and I have now decided to move the blog to a Wordpress platform. Reasons for this decision are many, I guess, but here are the two most important reasons:

  1. Wordpress is a very flexible blogging platform (even more so than Blogger)!
  2. And I needed some change myself too...
There has also been a long process during some very busy months this Spring, where I have spent some time discussing with myself whether or not to continue working on this blog or not. I have come to a decision, and I will keep on blogging, but in a different place, and I hope that I will (gradually) be able to change and hopefully also improve the blog. In the two-year phase, the main purpose of the blog was for it to be useful to me. To me, this is still an important reason to blog! In the future, however, I also want the blog to become more useful to you as a reader. If you want to know how, you have no other choice but to update your bookmarks and start following my "new" blog over at: http://mathedresearch.wordpress.com :-)