EJMSTE, issue 1, 2008

The Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education has published their first issue this year. The following articles are related to mathematics education:

Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers’ Learning Styles and Attitudes towards Mathematics
Murat Peker and Seref Mirasyedioglu
[Full Text in PDF] (Size: 244 KB)

The Effects of Mathematics Anxiety on Matriculation Students as Related to Motivation and Achievement
Effandi Zakaria and Norazah Mohd Nordin
[Full Text in PDF] (Size: 158 KB)

Science and Mathematics Teachers’ Experiences, Needs, and Expectations Regarding Professional Development
Kathryn Chval, Sandra Abell, Enrique Pareja, Kusalin Musikul and Gerard Ritzka
[Full Text in PDF] (Size: 291 KB)