My AERA presentation

I am giving my presentation on Tuesday, April 14, in a symposium session from 10:35am to 12:05pm. Here is the slideshow for my presentation:


(Direct link to paper)

Here is the article I am presenting:

Mosvold-Fauskanger, AERA 2009 paper
(Direct link to the article)


Jason Dyer said...

Can I express my unhappiness with your sample question? How does one know the students aren't just guessing? It's certainly likely they are ignoring the decimal point but one could easily contest that.

Reidar said...

Sure you can express your unhappiness, Jason! First, I must say that this item - along with all the items that we have translated and used in our study - were originally created by the Learning Mathematics for Teaching project at the University of Michigan. They spent quite a lot of time and money on making these items, and they were created the way they were for a reason. The items are supposed to measure the knowledge of mathematics that teachers need for their teaching, and the idea is that a mathematics teacher should be able to have an idea about what the students were thinking when they came up with this answer. Wrong answers don't (always) come by accident. The other thing that I would have to say, is that we are not allowed to make any of the real items public, so we have to use some of the released items as examples in presentations and articles. The released items were normally released for a reason: because they weren't perfect. Third, I have to make it clear that the purpose of using this sample item in my presentation was to illustrate the challenges we had when we were trying to translate and adapt the items for use in Norway. The powerpoint that I put on my blog probably are not going to help much if you didn't go to the presentation, but I recommend that you read the paper if you want to know more :-)


damezumari said...

People tend to post most comments because they are unhappy. :) So, here goes:

"American teachers" - If you mean US teachers, then say so.

Joke: Who is the president of Europe? (If you know who is the president of America you are on your way to a wrong answer.)


Jan Nordgreen
Ban Chang