Good mathematics instruction in South Korea

JeongSuk Pang has written an article called Good mathematics instruction in South Korea. The article has recently been published online in ZDM. Here is the article abstract:
There have been only a few studies of Korean mathematics instruction in international contexts. Given this, this paper describes in detail a sixth grade teacher’s mathematics instruction in order to investigate closely what may be counted as high-quality teaching and learning in Korea. This paper then discusses several key characteristics of good mathematics instruction along with some background information on Korean educational practice. This paper concludes with remarks that good mathematics instruction may be perceived differently with regard to underlying social and cultural norms.


Anonymous said...

Hi!good work here in mathematics education.keep it up!
i came across your blog while researching for a paper i would like to write on university mathematics curriculum and instruction at our local universities here in kenya (developing country).i am a graduate of one of the local university(MSc in pure mathematics), and what i went through make me strongly feel that there is something very wrong with the curriculum and instruction process.(i also hold an education degree:- bachelor in education and master in curriculum development,hence this view.)The question that begs answering is;are we as lecturers doing enough to use mathematics to change society for the better?paul - a lecturer at a kenyan unviersity