Research fellow at University of Agder!

University of Agder, Norway, arguably has one of the strongest research groups in mathematics education. They have a strong Master programme, a PhD programme, and five international professors in mathematics education. Now, they have announced a free position/appointment as research fellow for a period of three years. So, if you want to become a PhD student in Norway, this might be your lucky day :-)

Some of the research areas within the field of mathematics education in Agder include:

  • Developmental research in the teaching and learning of mathematics (from day-care centres to the university level)
  • Mathematics classroom research
  • Pupils' and students' understanding, attitudes and motivation for mathematics
  • Problem solving and modelling in mathematics
  • History of mathematics
  • Mathematics teacher education and professional development
If you are interested, you can read the entire announcement from the link above, or you can contact Professor Simon Goodchild (simon.goodchild@uia.no).