First Asian Sourcebook in Mathematics Education

Professor Bharath Sriraman has just finished editing an exciting new book that is about to be published by Information Age Publishing. This new book is entitled "The First Asian Sourcebook in Mathematics Education: China, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, and India. Below is the cover and table of contents to give you an exclusive first taste of the book!

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Erleo T. Villaros said...

Good day!

I am Erleo Villaros, Education Program Supervisor of the Department of Education in the Philippines. I'm very interested with doing mathematics education research. Pls. suggest me some topics/areas in mathematics education for me to research on.

Thank you very much!

joseph said...

it is very nice to meet u in ur new address. in fact, I am ur fans in blogger.
I am also interested in teaching and doing research in math edu. Here, thank you so much for your useful and "fresh" news.

fiaraz said...

Is this out yet? would seem interesting as i am always banging my head against current UK pedagogy.

fiaraz said...

Has anyone seen any of the content ? findings? I am being driven insane by UK pedagogy and research where the statistical analysis is poor.