The Mathematics Education Research Blog Book

This blog is now a little less than four years old. Admittedly, I was much more active in the early phase of the blog's history than I am now, but there has still been quite a lot of activity here over the last four years. For quite some time now I have been wondering about how much I have actually written on this blog. I mean, how many pages would it be if I put everything together? I just created an ebook of the entire archive to check it out, and below is the result :-)

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jannordgreen said...

Please tell us how you created the book from the blog. I would like to do it for several of my blogs! Obviously, I don't want to do it by hand!

Reidar Mosvold said...

Thanks for the interest!
It was quite simple, really! Just check out http://blogbooker.com and fill in the necessary information and it is all automatic :-)

There is a similar tool for creating twitter books also, if you're interested! Check out http://twournal.com :-)