Abstraction and consolidation of the limit procept

Ivy Kidron from Jerusalem College of Technology has written an article that was published online by Educational Studies in Mathematics recently. The article is entitled: Abstraction and consolidation of the limit procept by means of instrumented schemes: the complementary role of three different frameworks. Abstract:
I investigate the contributions of three theoretical frameworks to a research process and the complementary role played by each. First, I describe the essence of each theory and then follow the analysis of their specific influence on the research process. The research process is on the conceptualization of the notion of limit by means of the discrete continuous interplay. I investigate the influence of the different perspectives on the research process and realize that the different theoretical approaches intertwine. Moreover, I realize that the research study demanded the contribution of more than one theoretical approach to the research process and that the differences between the frameworks could serve as a basis for complementarities.